about Colorado DECA

2011-12 Colorado DECA President

Marketing Education prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. Through classroom instruction and supervised on-the-job training, marketing education enables students to develop competencies that ready them for entry into full-time employment or into advanced educational or training programs.

Classroom instruction is no longer enough for the development of strong aggressive leadership. The student organization, DECA, is designed to complement, supplement, and strengthen the marketing curriculum and instructional program. Through DECAs comprehensive Learning program it integrates into classroom instruction, applies learning, connects to business and promotes competition.  DECA prepares the next generation to be academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible and experienced leaders.  Members learn how to lead and participate in group discussions, preside at meetings and conferences, work effectively within committees, and engage in practical problem solving and decision making. Through participation in local, district, state, and national activities, DECA members develop a better understanding of the business world, become conscious of their civic obligations, and develop social poise and leadership ability. The DECA program of work includes activities related to class work, participation in community projects, district and state meetings and competitive events.

Through contact with teachers, advisers, employers and interested business-people, DECA members gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. At the same time, they learn that to develop these abilities to the fullest is a personal responsibility as well as an organizational goal.


DECA and Collegiate DECA are an international organization for secondary and post secondary students enrolled in Marketing Education. DECA is a co-curricular, student-centered organization designed as an integral part of the classroom instructional program of marketing education to provide activities that will motivate students to learn marketing competencies that will prepare students to become skilled, employable workers in the field of marketing. All chapters and the national organization are guided in their plans and activities by advisory committees--marketing education instructors, alumni members, school administrators, and/or business and professional men and women.

The purpose of DECA is to provide, as an integral part of the instructional program, learning opportunities for students in marketing education fields to develop career and technical and career competencies, and to promote an understanding of and an appreciation for the responsibilities of citizenship in our free enterprise system.